Here's what people are saying about the World Card Series.

I travel the world for work. The World Card Series contidecks are the perfect companion for any business or leisure travelers. I can't wait to see what these guys produce next to improve the world.

Tyler S.

• • • • •

It will make you feel like you’ve traveled the world in the comfort of your own home! It will also create greater connections with others from around the world as you have a greater appreciation for and understanding of their country and culture.

- Nancy A.

• • • • •

So cool that I bought 6 sets for my siblings!

- Daniel E.

• • • • •

The unique art style of the boxes makes the collector in me want to scream. Whoever was in charge of the box art, please give them a pat on the back. 

Dax R.

What a great way to learn about the world!

- Taylor S.

• • • • •

World Card Series is an engaging and fun way to learn about the world and the people in it. Such a great educational tool for classrooms and homes!

- Stephanie C.

• • • • •

What a wonderful learning tool for all ages. Love it!

- Liana K.

• • • • •

My kids and I love playing with them together. It's not easy sitting through geography books so making it into a game is genius!

- Emma D.

I've had my Kickstarter account since August 2015 and this has to be one of the most original and useful projects I've seen. As a fellow geography enthusiast and lifelong learner, I believe that everyone alive today must be curious about the world around them or else it could delay life success. 

Kevin K.

• • • • •

Amazing, fun product to help us reconnect to the real world and its peoples and cultures. Love it!

- Colby O.

• • • • •

So much to learn in such a cool way! 5 stars for concept to launch! Aloha!

- Reed H.

• • • • •

I love the design of these cards! Real clean and colorful. Excited to learn more about the world!

- Kalisi T.

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